Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail

Category: Armadale and Mt Richon

Ian Kallis

I always had a passion for watercolours particularly the way it flows on paper. After retiring in 2005 I made it my ambition to learn the technique of watercolours by attending classes which I did for two years.

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Jackie Archer

Watercolour, textiles
My husband Dave and I run a small home studio full of arts crafts and picture framing.   I love working with fabric art including machine embroidery and quilting.

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Dave Archer

Pastel, gouache, watercolour, acrylic
My wife Jackie and I share a small studio in out home, filled with art, craft and picture framing.  I am self taught and love working in Acrylics, Gouache, Pastel and Watercolour.

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Cathy Willey

Graphite, acrylic, pastels
I have always been keen on art and now i have more time to indulge my passion. I am currently focused on large black and white pencil artwork, i love work that focus on the play of light on the subject. I make and try new mediums and love experimenting and trying new art styles.

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Linda Glover

Various mediums from oil to charcoal
I have always loved drawing and painting and find the Australian landscape very inspiring. My love of nature and animals influences my artwork and trying to capture the light is always fascinating to me.

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Jane Etienne

Oil paintings, pastels, acrylic, mixed media, textiles
I am a driven, self-taught artist and I have painted all my life. The Pilbara with vivid colour vistas, intrigued me and I enjoy how the light dances across the canvas when painting landscapes.

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