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Robert Walker

Steel art sculptures

I am a local steel artist in the Perth Hills and would like to welcome you all to my studio here in Roleystone during this year’s Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail. The sculptures I create are of the local flora and fauna found in WA and are all hand made by me in my workshop, which visitors will be able to see. I will show you the tools I use to make my art and explain the steps taken from an idea in my head to the end result being the steel sculpture.


Walkers Steel Art

Opening Times

Friday 9/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 10/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 11/09 10am to 4pm
Monday 12/09 By Appointment
Tuesday 13/09 By Appointment
Wednesday 14/09 By Appointment
Thursday 15/09 By Appointment
Friday 16/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 17/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 18/09 10am to 4pm

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