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Regan Mackenzie

Vintage and metallic leather bags and accessories

My journey with leather started in New Zealand in my early 20s, making leather clothing for customers. Now, using designer hardware, leather and luxury linings, I create beautiful pieces for the discerning customer. I believe a leather bag should resonate the style of the wearer and invoke the senses. PurJus Leather boasts a vibrant collection of handmade bags and personalised accessories.


PurJus Leather Bags & Accessories

Opening Times

Friday 3/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 4/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 5/09 10am to 4pm
Monday 6/09 Closed
Tuesday 7/09 Closed
Wednesday 8/09 Closed
Thursday 9/09 Closed
Friday 10/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 11/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 12/09 10am to 4pm

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