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Linda Glover

Various mediums from oil to charcoal

I have always loved drawing and painting and find the Australian landscape very inspiring. My love of nature and animals influences my artwork and trying to capture the light is always fascinating to me. I use a variety of mediums from oils to charcoal, each having a different effect. Over the years I have benefited from many classes and workshops with renowned artists and now take a class for the Armadale Society of Artists sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.


Armadale Shopping City, next to Target

As people’s needs differ, visitors with any concerns around accessibility requirements are encouraged to contact the artists directly and confirm any requirements prior to their visit.

Opening Times

Friday 3/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 4/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 5/09 11am to 4pm
Monday 6/09 Closed
Tuesday 7/09 Closed
Wednesday 8/09 Closed
Thursday 9/09 Closed
Friday 10/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 11/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 12/09 11am to 4pm

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