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Chantalle Grummet

Paintings, drawings, prints and digital designs

I am the artist behind Life Laid Bear. It is a quirky collection of illustrations, paintings, comic drawings and digital works about bears who portray moments of daily life that are sometimes funny, sometimes serious or just downright strange. Caught between art and comic, cute and aesthetically pleasing, illustration and analogy, Life Laid Bear artworks are a bit different. I am also obsessed with drawing mixed media portraits that are influenced by fairy tales from childhood.


Life Laid Bear and Fairytale Portraits

Opening Times

Friday 3/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 4/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 5/09 10am to 4pm
Monday 6/09 Closed
Tuesday 7/09 Closed
Wednesday 8/09 Closed
Thursday 9/09 Closed
Friday 10/09 10am to 4pm
Saturday 11/09 10am to 4pm
Sunday 12/09 10am to 4pm

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