Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail

Category: Bedfordale

Vicky Alchin

Painting – watercolour, acrylic specialising in portraits
I am an artist living in beautiful Bedfordale. I have a home studio set in the bush where I am surrounded by an abundance of inspiration for my artwork.

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Tom Jarrett

I am a woodturner and my interest in this craft commenced when I did an eight
week course in 2007.

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Sue Doorey

Abstract art and textile bags
I create abstract paintings using a variety of media and techniques. I also design and sew women’s apparel and cross-body fabric bags.

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Jeanette Dyson

Painting, mixed media
A resident in the Kimberley for a decade, I started using pearl and gold dust, together with the outback ochres portraying and celebrating the uniqueness of the Australian North landscape.

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Julie Fearns-Pheasant

Works on paper, painting, ceramic, hand painted objet d’art/giftware
I am a figurative artist/educator with a visual arts career spanning over thirty years.
I am proud to be represented by the beautiful Waterwheel Galley of Bedfordale.

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Aggie King-Azzam

Botanical printing and natural dyeing on textiles
Botanical printing and natural dyeing are the inspiration behind my creations. Getting beautiful prints and colours from foliage collected from my surroundings is my passion as a textile artist.

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