Byford and Oakford

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Byford & Oakford

Cathy Willey

Graphite, acrylic, pastels
I have always been keen on art and now i have more time to indulge my passion. I am currently focused on large black and white pencil artwork, i love work that focus on the play of light on the subject. I make and try new mediums and love experimenting and trying new art styles.

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Byford & Oakford

Dave Archer

Pastel, gouache, watercolour, acrylic
My wife Jackie and I share a small studio in out home, filled with art, craft and picture framing.  I am self taught and love working in Acrylics, Gouache, Pastel and Watercolour.

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Jackie Archer 1000px
Byford & Oakford

Jackie Archer

Watercolour, textiles
My husband Dave and I run a small home studio full of arts crafts and picture framing.   I love working with fabric art including machine embroidery and quilting.

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